Mody Exotica
is founded by Mr Yashwant Mody, an Indian hobbyist and a nature enthusiast. One visit to the World Flower Exhibition in Holland is all it took for him to set up one of the largest cultivation bases in Guhagar in Konkan. This triggered off two important events in the region. First, it allowed the rocky, barren and unused land in Konkan to be put to good use. Second, it enabled Mr Mody to hire graduates from the nearby agricultural college in Dapholi, enhancing employment opportunities in that region. Further, Mr Mody also hired labour from the surrounding areas, trained and skilled them in flower cultivation, a rare skill to acquire. Infact, the presence of Mody Exotica and its large scale cultivation facility has triggered a floricultural movement of sorts in that area prompting other students to install their own small cultivation set ups to cultivate flowers like Gerberas, which Mr Mody helps them market in Mumbai. Today, Mody Exotica cultivates over varieties of Cut anthuriums, -- varieties of Pot anthuriums and varieties of Potted anthurium plants and Orchids too using the latest equipment and technology. We have also introduced rain harvesting and other such indigenous environmental conservation techniques in our cultivation. For anthuriums, we collaborate with Anthura, an internationally renowned anthuriums company for their expertise and guidance. Our marketing team based out of Mumbai markets all these flowers and Gerberas too to offices, homes across the city.